About Us

Vision & Mission

We want to serve, love and support God’s servant leaders. Our VISION is to refresh, equip, and encourage as we go forward in this generation under Christ’s banner. Lord help us to be sensitive and responsive to the Head of the Church and to follow Him in unity into His victories for our day.

The conference is held all over North America as local assemblies offer to host. We have daily Bible teaching, devotional thoughts, prayer, and joyful times of fellowship over meals and snacks.

We are theologically and socially conservative. We are committed to God’s pattern for the New Testament Church. There is no attempt to legislate or dictate to local assemblies or workers, but rather our hope would be that our times together will be helpful, encouraging, informative, and will deepen the servant’s love for God and man.

A Brief History

Mr. T. B. Gilbert first encouraged other workers to come together for a time of prayer and encouragement in 1933. However, the first regular Workers Conference began in 1938 in St. Louis. Mr. Gilbert was very active in starting this and in its continuance until his death in 1972. The conference has been continued every year except during World War II because of gas rationing.

Recent Conferences

  • October 15-17, 2019, Waterbury Christian Fellowship, Waterbury, CT
  • What Difference Does the Fear of the Lord Make? October 9-11, 2018, Lawrence Bible Chapel, Lawrence, KS
  • Encouragement for Pilgrims from 1st Peter October 10-12, 2017, North Ridge Bible Chapel, Raleigh, NC
  • A Christ-Centered Church…Facing a World in Crisis October 11-13, 2016, Bethany Bible Chapel, Cedar Falls, IA
  • The Believer’s Warfare October 13-15, 2015, North York Gospel Chapel, York, PA
  • The Role of the Church in Revival: October 14-16 2014, Hollywood Bible Chapel, Hollywood, FL
  • God’s Servant-Equippers: October 15-17, 2013, Northeast Bible Chapel, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Passing the Baton: October 9-11, 2012, The Bible Chapel of Shawnee, Shawnee, KS
  • The Lost Art of Shepherding: October 12-14, 2010, Bethany Bible Chapel, Cedar Falls, Iowa
  • The Fellowship of God’s Son: October 13-15, 2009, Waterbury Christian Fellowship, Waterbury, CT
  • Rekindling the Pioneer Spirit: October 14-16, 2008, Lawrence Bible Chapel, Lawrence, KS
  • Sheperding the Flock of God: October 9-11, 2007, Terrill Road Bible Chapel, Fanwood, NJ
  • Stewards of the Grace of God: October 10-12, 2006, Westside Bible Chapel, Wichita, KS
  • Walk as He Walked: October 4-6, 2005, Hollywood Bible Chapel, Hollywood, FL
  • The Glory and Splendor of Christ: October 5-7, 2004, Keystone Bible Chapel, Omaha, NE
  • The Assembly: A Showcase of God’s Grace: October 7-9, 2003, Forge Road Bible Chapel, Perry Hall, MD
  • Taking the Shield of Faith: October 8-10 2002, North Ridge Bible Chapel, Cedar Falls, Iowa
  • A Holy God, A Holy People: October 9-11, 2001, Crescent Hills Chapel, Morgantown West Virginia
  • A Vision for Growth: October 10-12, 2000, Lawrence Bible Chapel, Lawrence Kansas